Ended July 1, 2019

Pledged: $85.00 per Goal

Reached: 10 Goals for a total of $850.00.

This year we are thrilled to be joining up with Rainbow Mobile.

Founded in January 2018, Rainbow Mobile’s mission is to help the LGBTQ community in Southwest Alabama reach its full potential. They envision having a physical LGBTQ Community Center in Mobile that will help build a strong, healthy, vibrant community and be an agent of change in the world movement working toward the liberation and empowerment of all LGBTQ people.

Come and Defend The Delta with us while raising funds for a fantastic organization.

Here’s how easy it is:

1 - Make a pledge of a few dollars for every goal AFC Mobile scores in the month of June

2 - Show your support for the Azaleas all season and join with us on match day in the stands

3 - When the campaign ends you will receive and email with a total dollar amount and link to make your donation to Rainbow Mobile.


  • Pensacola FC v AFC¬†Mobile

    4 Goals
  • AFC Mobile v Gulf Coast¬†Rangers

    3 Goals
  • Tallhassee SC v AFC¬†Mobile

    0 Goals
  • AFC Mobile v Hattiesburg¬†FC

    2 Goals
  • Port City FC v AFC¬†Mobile

    1 Goal