June 1–30, 2018

Pledged so far: $179.00 per goal

The Chattahooligans are proud to support Chattanooga's LGBTQ+ community and better include them in the CFC supporter family by forging a partnership with the Nooga Diversity Center. NDC provides a safe space downtown, and serves as a network for health care, legal services, and recreational options for its patrons and their families.

We are excited to welcome NDC youth at our tailgates and in the supporters section this summer.

The Chattahooligans invite you to Come and Join Us in support this critical resource for LGBTQ+ individuals in our community by making a pledge for every goal CFC scores at home during June. In 2017, the Chattanooga Prideraiser raised more than $6,000. With your help, we will top that total this year!