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Prideraiser Kicks Off Third Year of Supporter-Driven LGBTQ+ Fundraising, Expands to International Market


Chattanooga, TN, June 3, 2019 – Prideraiser, a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June, has kicked off its third year of supporter-driven fundraising – and has expanded to an international presence.

With Prideraiser, soccer supporters groups (SGs) are able to develop a customized campaign to support LGBTQ+ causes and/or organizations in their own communities. Each campaign raises money based on the total amount of goals scored by their local soccer team. Through the Prideraiser website, soccer supporters and fans are able to pledge any dollar amount per goal. At the end of pride month, Prideraiser will notify participants of their final pledge amount due.

In 2019 alone, 49 supporters groups across the United States and Canada have joined Prideraiser, with the dollars pledged per goal totaling over $7,000. Prideraiser campaigns can be found in Chattanooga, Detroit, Chicago, Halifax, Little Rock, Portland, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, and beyond.

“We started Prideraiser in an effort to support our local communities and to share the passion we have for our clubs with new fans. When we built the website platform last year, the project exploded,” says Galen Riley, Prideraiser Co-Founder and member of The Chattahooligans supporter group in Chattanooga, TN. “With the addition of the Privateers 1882 campaign in Halifax and the River Valley Vanguard campaign in Edmonton, we’ve grown this project to an international presence. We’re even heading to the World Cup thanks to our new campaign with The American Outlaws in support of the U.S. Women’s National Team.”

Since its inception in 2017, Prideraiser has helped to raise more than $62,000 for LGBTQ+ causes and organizations, while also introducing the beautiful game to countless new supporters from all walks of life.

“We’re reaching new heights and new communities with Prideraiser, and to say we’re amazed with the support and growth we’ve seen is a vast understatement,” Riley adds.

To learn more about Prideraiser, to start a campaign with your SG, or to make a pledge to a campaign, please visit

About Prideraiser

Accidentally founded in 2017, Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for LGBTQ+ causes every June. The Prideraiser website enables soccer fans to pledge per goal their team scores, culminating in donations to an LGBTQ+ organization in their community at the end of the campaign. Prideraiser is dedicated to cultivating welcoming, inclusive soccer communities and, to date, has helped raise more than $680,000 and has introduced the beautiful game to countless new fans. For 2022, Prideraiser included 84 campaigns in cities in the United States and Canada. Learn more.

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Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June.

Support your local club, support your local cause.