About Prideraiser

In 2017, members of supporters groups in Chattanooga and Detroit launched a simple challenge to their friends: for every home goal scored by their team in the month of June, pledge a few dollars per goal that would go to support local LGBTQ-embracing organizations. It was a fun and unique way to celebrate Pride month, to embrace the diversity within the soccer supporters and to contribute to causes within their own communities. Over the course of a few days, supporters in other cities made their own pledges. In 2017, seven Prideraiser campaigns across the country raised over $12,000 for local LGBTQ causes, and a great article about our origins was published.

After seeing the impact that a few Tweets, Facebook posts, and Pride-themed accessories on the capo stands could have, we are thrilled that Prideraiser is now an annual event. It is an absolute joy to see the way supporter groups across the country are signing up to support organizations in their communities by pledging their money in conjunction with their own club’s success on the pitch.

So join us, and put your money where your goals are. Look for a local Prideraiser campaign or start one in your city.