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Important Update for SGs: Prideraiser 2020


As you are well aware, the world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis with COVID-19. With shelter-in-place orders in effect, and in an attempt to keep the public safe and healthy, all domestic (United States and Canada) soccer leagues’ summer seasons have been postponed or cancelled.

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.

As far as our plans for Prideraiser 2020, we are taking a different approach: We will be coordinating a one-time solicitation of last year’s SGs and their participants to donate directly to your charity organizations. These organizations - perhaps now more than ever, with funding and volunteerism greatly impacted by this pandemic - need our help.

Campaign organizers for Prideraiser 2019 should check their emails for a message with instructions on how to get set up.

If your SG has an existing Prideraiser campaign, simply navigate to your charity organization’s website from your SG’s campaign landing page (this will help to track metrics), and make your donation.

We are closely monitoring cities’, organizations’, and leagues’ responses to the unfolding pandemic. With the understanding that all things are subject to change, if safe soccer and city Pride festivals happen this fall, we may conduct a traditional Prideraiser campaign at that time. And as always, we will keep you posted on any updates as we have them.

If you are an SG looking to get involved, click HERE to register.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to giving back to vital organizations in our communities - and making our stadiums safer and more inclusive for all.

Please continue to stay safe.

About Prideraiser

Accidentally founded in 2017, Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for LGBTQ+ causes every June. The Prideraiser website enables soccer fans to pledge per goal their team scores, culminating in donations to an LGBTQ+ organization in their community at the end of the campaign. Prideraiser is dedicated to cultivating welcoming, inclusive soccer communities and, to date, has helped raise more than $680,000 and has introduced the beautiful game to countless new fans. For 2022, Prideraiser included 84 campaigns in cities in the United States and Canada. Learn more.

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Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June.

Support your local club, support your local cause.