Prideraiser Announces Brand Expansion with New Logo Colorways


Pride flags come in as many varieties as the people they represent. As part of the 5th anniversary season, revealed an expansion of our brand to include 22 variations of the classic Prideraiser logo based on these flags. The first of these new colorways can be seen on the Prideraiser "Trans Lives Matter" knit scarf, and many of them will be highlighted on our site and social media during LGBTQIA+ awareness periods throughout the year. Visit the Prideraiser Brand Guide to learn more and access the logo file library.

Prideraiser Brand Guide

About Prideraiser

Accidentally founded in 2017, Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for LGBTQ+ causes every June. The Prideraiser website enables soccer fans to pledge per goal their team scores, culminating in donations to an LGBTQ+ organization in their community at the end of the campaign. Prideraiser is dedicated to cultivating welcoming, inclusive soccer communities and, to date, has helped raise more than $680,000 and has introduced the beautiful game to countless new fans. For 2022, Prideraiser included 84 campaigns in cities in the United States and Canada. Learn more.

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