June 1‚Äď30, 2019

Pledged so far: $113.50 per goal

The Pride SG was founded to be an organization open and accepting to all who wished to help grow support for FC Cincinnati. In solidarity with our fellow LGBTQ supporters and the greater LGBTQ community of the tri-state area, we are proud to partner with Lighthouse Youth & Family Services "Safe and Supported" program. This program gives help and services to LGBTQ youth suffering issues related to homelessness, a problem afflicting far too many LGBTQ members in our community.

Throughout the month of June, we'll be raising money for every goal scored by FC Cincinnati. We invite everyone to Rise Together and pledge your support to help support LGBTQ youth who are on their own, with no support structure and no home to call their own. With your help, we can show the entire world that Cincinnati is an inclusive, welcoming place we can be proud to call our own.

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  • FC Cincinnati @ Colorado¬†Rapids

  • FC Cincinnati @¬†NYCFC

  • FC Cincinnati vs. LA¬†Galaxy

  • FC Cincinnati @ Minnesota¬†United