Prideraiser Merch Information

While Prideraiser has promotional merch available, we are not in the merch business. From time to time, merch is made available, at our cost plus a small markup to pay for server/SMS costs, to the organizers of our local campaigns for further distribution to the public in ways that suit the needs of each campaign.

Approved Prideraiser merch distribution methods include:

  • Visual promotion by campaign admins/capos/social media
  • Selling at a markup and donating the profit to a LGBTQ beneficiary
  • As a gift for high-dollar or other donors or partners

(Ask if you have another idea.)

Prideraiser merch can be requested using this form.

Vinyl Stickers

Prideraiser Logo Sticker - 3"


Prideraiser scarf by Drew Gentry (Northern Guard Supporters, Detroit City FC, retired)Prideraiser scarf by Drew Gentry (Northern Guard Supporters, Detroit City FC, retired)

Prideraiser scarf by Mike Pendleton (Ralph's Mob, Tampa Bay Rowdies)Prideraiser scarf by Mike Pendleton (Ralph's Mob, Tampa Bay Rowdies)

Scarf Policy

  • Prideraiser may supply graphics and allow partner SGs to make their own co-branded scarves, with perfunctory approval of the design by the Prideraiser admin team. However, we recommend against this approach without careful consideration of the logistical and budgetary challenges. In short, it's bitten us in the butt before, and we don't want our partner SGs to over-extend themselves and have a bad experience with Prideraiser.

  • From time to time, Prideraiser will work with talented designers associated with independent SGs to design an official Prideraiser scarf. These scarves will be labeled with their designer, not the year of creation.