Benefiting Upstate Pride SC

Ended July 1, 2019

Pledged: $18.00 per goal

Reached: 28 goals for a total of $504.00 plus $180.00 from partners.

AO Anderson was first established as a Supporters Group back in 2015. Since that time it has been a goal of ours to Support the USA National Teams and Our Local Community.

In the past we have raised funds and volunteered our time for Suicide Prevention, Mental Illness and Homlessness/Hunger. This year we felt it was important to start a fundraiser in partnership with Prideraiser to not only support Upstate Pride SC but also to support our Local Community and all those who live here.

AO Anderson and Growler Haus welcome all to our watch parties and during our two watch parties (June 5 & June 22) we will be donating funds for every goal scored by the USMNT as well as what we raise during our raffles. The motto has never changed “Unite & Strengthen” and that’s what we are all about!

Some have pledged to donate during the USWNT games, some have pledged only for the USMNT watch parties and some have pledged for both or a mix of games…no matter your pledge we greatly appreciate your support!


  • USMNT vs Jamaica

    0 goals
  • USMNT vs. Venezuela

    0 goals
  • USWNT vs, Thailand

    13 goals
  • USWNT vs. Chile

    3 goals
  • USMNT vs. Guyana

    4 goals
  • USWNT vs. Sweded

    2 goals
  • USMNT vs T&T

    6 goals

Partner Contributions