Ended June 30, 2018

Pledged: $56.50 per Goal

Reached: 9 Goals for a total of $508.50.

The Causeway Rebellion is honored to take part in this year’s Prideraiser and team up with Mobile Pride for our inaugural year.

Every year Pride Fest has grown thanks to all the volunteers and donations. Mobile Alabama Pride has made headlines in recent years in positive ways. Securing a member of the Mobile City Council as a rider in the annual Pride procession and diplomatically restoring funding for our parade in the face of city wide budget cuts. In other words, making sure our celebration retains it’s rightful place in Mobile’s long list of community events. But the most important mission is involving Mobile’s LGBT community in a display of camaraderie, purpose and just plain fun.

The Rebellion is asking you to pledge for AFC Mobile goals in the month of June (home and away) for a total of five matches.




  • AFC Mobile v Real United FC

    4 Goals
  • AFC Mobile v Rangers

    0 Goals
  • Pensacola FC v AFC Mobile

    4 Goals
  • AFC Mobile v Alexandria FC

    0 Goals
  • Rangers v AFC Mobile

    0 Goals