Ended June 30, 2018

Pledged: $29.00 per goal

Reached: 8 goals for a total of $232.00.

We hope to raise money to help the Greater Dayton LGBT Center reach some of its goals to have a more inclusive and safer space for the LGBT community. The mission of the Greater Dayton LGBT Center is “to help create programs that enhance the lives of sexual minorities in Dayton and the Miami Valley.” Along with donating to our campaign for the LGBT Center, we invite you to Dayton Pride 2018 throughout the month of June. More information can be found on their website’s home page.

For this season, with the Dayton Dynamo on hiatus, we decided we would hand pick 5 games throughout Ohio scheduled in June for our campaign. Your donations are made on the per goal basis, meaning that every goal scored by the team in bold below, you are pledging your amount. For example, if you pledge $1 per goal, and there are 10 goals, your pledge is $10 total for the campaign. Simple enough right?

Here’s our scheduled Prideraiser-eligible matches:

  • Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC (2 June)
  • FC Columbus vs Detroit City FC (8 June)
  • Toledo Villa vs USAi Old Bhoys (9 June)
  • FC Cincinnati vs Richmond Kickers (16 June)
  • Cleveland SC vs FC Buffalo (17 June)

This means that any goal scored against these Ohio teams during Pride Month apply towards your pledges.

At the end of the schedule listed below, we will notify you of your total pledge amount (your initial pledge per goal x the amount of goals scored) and remind you to go donate directly to the Greater Dayton LGBT Center!


  • Toronto FC's goals vs Columbus Crew

    3 goals
  • Detroit City FC's goals vs FC Columbus

    1 goal
  • USAi Old Bhoys' goals vs Toledo Villa

    1 goal
  • Richmond Kickers' goals vs FC Cincinnati

    0 goals
  • FC Buffalo's goals vs Cleveland SC

    3 goals