Ended June 30, 2018

Pledged: $25.00 per goal

Reached: 32 goals for a total of $800.00.

We are proud to join Prideraiser for the 2018 season. In 2018 we will not only be celebrating goals for the sake of victory, but will celebrate because that is more money going to support the Salus Center of Lansing.

Only eight months in existence and they are already providing an open door and an impactful environment for those in the LGBTQ community.

Join our campaign and put your money where Lansing United’s goals are.


  • United Women @ Indy Premier¬†SC

    5 goals
  • United Men vs. Cincy Dutch¬†Lions

    1 goal
  • United Women @ Fort Wayne¬†United

    2 goals
  • United Men @ Dayton Dutch¬†Lions

    3 goals
  • United Women vs MI¬†Legends

    2 goals
  • United Women vs Indy Premier¬†SC

    8 goals
  • United Men vs Dayton Dutch¬†Lions

    1 goal
  • United Men vs MI¬†Bucks

    1 goal
  • United Women @ MI¬†Legends

    1 goal
  • United Women vs Detroit¬†Sun

    4 goals
  • United Men vs W.V.¬†Chaos

    2 goals
  • United Women vs¬†GRFC

    2 goals
  • United Men @ Cincy Dutch¬†Lions

    0 goals