June 1–30, 2019

Pledged so far: $57.00 per goal

The Roadies are excited to support Nashville's Oasis Center and their "Just Us" program for this year's Prideraiser campaign during PRIDE month.

Just Us is a program at Oasis Center dedicated to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth to achieve their full potential. Specifically, Just Us provides LGBTQI high school and middle school students a liberating space where they can be authentic and celebrate the fluidity of identity.

Please join The Roadies in supporting this amazing resource for LGBTQI individuals in our community by pledging a per goal donation for NSC goals scored during our five June matches. Every dollar you pledge will go directly to supporting Oasis Center and the individuals they serve.

Additionally, The Roadies are partnering with two other NSC Supporter Groups (The Assembly, Music City SG, and Eastern Front SG) as well as the Nashville Soccer Supporters Trust to sell rainbow bandannas at all June events. The colors of the rainbow reflect the diversity of the LGBTQI community. All net proceeds will be benefit the Oasis Center.



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