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Prideraiser History

Accidentally founded in 2017, Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for LGBTQ+ causes every June. The Prideraiser website enables soccer fans to pledge per goal their team scores, culminating in donations to an LGBTQ+ organization in their community at the end of the campaign. Prideraiser is dedicated to cultivating welcoming, inclusive soccer communities and, to date, has helped raise more than $680,000 and has introduced the beautiful game to countless new fans. For 2022, Prideraiser included over 84 campaigns in cities in the United States and Canada. Learn more at About Prideraiser.


On June 1/2, 2017, members of supporters groups in Chattanooga and Detroit launched a simple challenge to their friends: for every home goal scored by their team in the month of June, pledge a few dollars per goal that would go to support local LGBTQ-embracing organizations. It was a fun and unique way to celebrate Pride month, to embrace the diversity within the soccer supporters and to contribute to causes within their own communities. Over the course of a few days, supporters in other cities made their own pledges.

In 2017, seven Prideraiser campaigns across the country raised over $12,000 for local LGBTQ causes, and a great article about our origins was published.

In 2018, 28 Prideraiser campaigns across the country raised over $50,000 for local LGBTQ causes.

In 2019, Prideraiser’s 49 campaigns included expansion to Canada, and we were joined by American Outlaws to raise money during the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup and FIFA World Cup. We raised more than $122,000 for local LGBTQ organizations, and earned “Changemaker of the Year” recognition at the Chattanooga Startup Awards. The Northern Guard Supporters, supporters of Detroit City FC, were given the Ruth's Angel award for raising over $26,000 for the Ruth Ellis Center during their annual Prideraiser campaign.

During the 2020 pandemic, Prideraiser made an appeal for donations to local charities with a special focus on intersectionality. We also partnered with ACTS, a newly founded coalition of NWSL supporters groups, during the NWSL Challenge Cup to raise more than $27,000 for the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake. This effort was chronicled by Equalizer Soccer.

In 2021, we renewed our partnership with ACTS for the NWSL Challenge Cup and raised over $30,000 for campaigns that benefit Black-led organizations. Our traditional June campaign raised more than $166,000, and we did a bonus round in July to support the pandemic-affected Canadian Premier League schedule, which added another CA$6,414 to the grand total for the year.

For 2022, Prideraiser shifted from the usual structure of local campaigns to organize a special event on MLS opening weekend to benefit the Transgender Education Network of Texas in response to an executive order from the state's governor targetting trans kids, their families, and their teachers and caretakers. Our partnership with ACTS continued during the NWSL Challenge Cup, conducting a fundraising drive that raised more than $25,00 for local Black-led organizations. The June Prideraiser campaign for 2022 grew to 84 campaigns in the US and Canada and raised more than $216 thousand. During the month, we announced an expansion to the Prideraiser brand, adding two dozen logo colorways to represent various pride flags to celebrate our fifth anniversary season, and we hit the $500 thousand milestone for lifetime fundraising impact. At the end of the June campaign, Prideraiser celebrated 16 supporters groups by inducting them as the first class of the Prideraiser Hall of Fame.

In 2023, Prideraiser supported local campaigns during the last NWSL Challenge Cup, raising $18,816 for local Black-led organizations. The June Prideraiser campaign for 2023 expanded to 100 campaigns and raised more than $177 thousand.

2024 saw a major overhaul of the Prideraiser software platform, providing quality of life improvements for SG admins, leaderboards, and the addition of reporting.

So join us, and put your money where your goals are. Look for a local Prideraiser campaign or start one in your city.

Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June.

Support your local club, support your local cause.