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You have learned all About Prideraiser, and now your supporters group is ready to start a Prideraiser campaign in your local community. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Reach out and let them know you’ll be doing a Prideraiser campaign.
  • Decide how you will be determining your eligible Prideraiser goals (Only home match goals? Home and away goals? etc.) Stick with goals scored in June (because it is Pride Month), but the rest of your campaign’s eligibility is up to you. Let your club’s schedule guide you!
  • Once you have confirmed your local organization and eligibility parameters, fill out this application to let us know about you and your campaign. We will help you get set up on
  • Start spreading the word! 

At the end of June, Prideraiser will contact everyone who makes a pledge and ask them make a donation directly to the organization you chose. The Prideraiser platform is completely free to use, and we do not take a cut of donations. In fact, because donations are made directly to your local organization, we never touch any money, ever. And we prefer it that way.


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Allyship We’ll be blunt: The supporter group landscape is a predominantly (and overwhelmingly) white, cisgender and heteronormative space, and can oftentimes be uncomfortable or unsafe for non-white, non-cisgender and non-heteronormative individuals. That’s where allyship comes in.  

We all have to start somewhere in our journey in allyship, and Prideraiser is a great first step. By using your platform to raise money (and awareness!) for LGBTQ+ organizations, you have the opportunity to support local and build lasting, meaningful relationships in your community.  

That’s the real beauty of Prideraiser: This whole thing transcends money raised (which is absolutely fantastic and necessary) or the total number of pledges made; it’s truly rooted in the power and importance of building relationships and fostering spaces that are welcoming and safe. 


Staying Connected When you join Prideraiser, we’ll invite you to our Slack workspace, where we discuss our fundraising campaigns almost as much as we talk about soccer, supporter culture, stadium/front office relationships, and new ideas worth kicking around. It's a special place that makes us all better at what we do inside our own supporters groups and the communities we each call home, and we want you to join our broad, vibrant community. 

In addition to our Slack workspace, our Prideraiser Admin team is available to help you every step of the way. Our team can help troubleshoot any issues or challenges you may (unlikely) encounter, and will keep an eye on things throughout the month to ensure everything is on track. We’re also prone to match day pump up threads in Slack.


It’s Easy Starting your Prideraiser campaign is pretty easy, but making a pledge is even easier. We’ve specifically designed our platform to be effortless and fast; anyone can make a pledge from any device in just a few short moments (which makes recruiting new pledges during halftime pretty easy.) And your Prideraiser campaign does not have to be limited to just your supporters group members - you can accept (and promote!) pledges from anywhere, too. Some of our strongest Prideraiser campaigns have found success in working alongside their club’s front office to promote and support their campaign to the masses.


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Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June.

Support your local club, support your local cause.