Prideraiser Dashboard

The brand new Prideraiser Dashboard is a great place to check on the status of your Prideraiser campaign each day. It is available once your Prideraiser campaign has been created, and has two main sections right now.


The Tasks section is a list of To-Do items related to your campaign. If you need to update your goals or investigate a suspicious pledge, a task will appear alongside links or guidance on how to perform the task.

Note: Campaign admins with unresolved tasks will receive a SMS message at about 9am local time. If you don't want these messages, please log in to the Dashboard regularly and complete any tasks assigned to you.


When you see a red dot next to the menu button (on mobile) or next to the Dashboard menu link (on desktop), you have outstanding tasks to perform!

You may opt in to push notifications when you receive new tasks by clicking the banner that appears at the top of the Dashboard screen. This feature works per-device, and devices can be removed by changing the settings in your Prideraiser Profile. (You may need to allow us to request this permissions in your browser settings by clicking/tapping the lock icon next to the url bar.)

*Browser push notifications currently work on the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox. Safari on Mac should support this feature in Fall 2022, and iOS in Spring 2023.


The Tracker section displays the details of your campaign over time, including your fundraising performance on a given match day

The Dashboard is accessible via the top menu at or directly at

We will add additional features to the Prideraiser Dashboard over time, so please share your feedback with us in the Prideraiser Slack.