Prideraiser Slack

The Prideraiser coalition consists of organizers from more than 70 supporters groups, at every level of the "pyramid," in the US and Canada.

When you join Prideraiser, we’ll invite you to our Slack workspace, where we discuss our fundraising campaigns almost as much as we talk about soccer, supporter culture, stadium/front office relationships, and new ideas worth kicking around. It's a special place that makes us all better at what we do inside our own supporters groups and the communities we each call home, and we want you to join our broad, vibrant community. 

In addition to #general chat, there are a few special-purpose #channels worth bringing to your attention.

Supporters Group channels

🆕 When you join our Slack workspace, the Prideraiser bot will invite you to a channel just for your SG's Prideraiser admins. You can use this space for whatever internal discussions between your SG's Prideraiser admins, and you may invite other volunteers from your SG (like someone who handles communications). Relevant Prideraiser bot messages in #pledges and #event-summaries, as well as certain bespoke messages, will be broadcast to your SG channel as well.

We think this approach will be more friendly than making admins wrestle with advanced notification configuration on #pledges and #event-summaries. Please give us feedback!


The #pledges channel on Prideraiser Slack is where the good brain chemicals are made. Prideraiser Bot posts live alerts on this channel every time a pledge is made. Each message is accompanied a handy "View in Admin" button that links to the pledge details in the Prideraiser admin dashboard, in case you need to review or follow up with the fan that made the pledge. There's also a "Compose Tweet" button to open Twitter with some simple copy that you can post immediately or edit first.

This channel can be very chatty during campaign season; we advise tuning your notification settings so you only get notifications for your own campaign. More on that later.


The #event-summaries channel on Prideraiser Slack receives alerts from Prideraiser Bot whenever it predicts your match is about to end (kickoff, plus about 2 hours). It is expected that each Prideraiser campaign admin update their goal tally immediately at the conclusion of every match, and messages in this channel can serve as reminders.

Each alert is a summary of your campaign, along with the current pledge level, and is accompanied by a handy button that helps you compose a Twitter post to update your fans. Another links directly to your campaign landing page. Once there, it's quick to update the goal tally for that match.

This channel can be very chatty during campaign season; we advise tuning your notification settings so you only get notifications for your own campaign. More on that later.


The #news channel on Prideraiser Slack is where you can share local coverage (print, TV, podcast interviews, whatever) about your campaign. Prideraiser Volutneers will update the News page on with these links, as each new story makes every Prideraiser campaign more credible.

Slack Notifications

Notifications on Slack can be A Lot™. Furthermore, the way to change the settings is different between desktop and mobile. Confused yet? Here are some guidelines:

  • Notifications themselves can be tuned for each chat channel
  • A "My keywords" list can be found in your profile settings

For the My keywords list, we recommend you include words related to the title of your campaign and supporters group name. 

For #pledges and #event-summaries, we recommend that you enable notifications for "Just @mentions" and "Also include @channel and @here" to cut down the notification spam to only messages that are relevant to you.