April 22-28, 2024 is Lesbian Visibility Week

Introduction and Setup

Welcome to Prideraiser! This page serves as a guide for new admins setting up a Prideraiser campaign for the first time. If you have any questions along the way, our volunteers and other SG admins can be found on the Prideraiser Slack and are always friendly and happy to help.

Feeling lost? If you are brand new to Prideraiser, or if you are taking over admin duties for your SG but don't have context on what you are getting into, catch up by reading our About page.

Before you begin: While you can do goal updates from a mobile device, we highly recommend using a laptop/desktop browser when editing your Prideraiser campaign.

Choosing a Charity Partner

Here are some considerations when choosing a charity partner who will receive funds from your Prideraiser campaign.

Signing In

Once your account has been created by our volunteer team, you can access the Prideraiser system by browsing to and entering the email address you registered with. Then keep an eye on your inbox for a verification code to complete the sign in process.

After you log in successfully, you have a couple of important tasks to perform in order to create your Prideraiser campaign.

Note: If you have never created a Prideraiser campaign before, you might open a new tab to and look at the existing campaigns to use as examples or inspiration.

Supporters Group Setup

Your first stop should be the Supporters Group setup form, located in the admin menus (or directly at Once here, select your supporters group* and populate each field in the form- you can find helpful information alongside each field. Don't forget to upload a logo! Click the "Save" button at the bottom when you are done.

*Is your supporters group not listed? Our volunteers goofed and either didn't create it or didn't give your account permission to access it! Don't worry, though- just reach out to us on Slack and we will get things fixed.

Creating Your Prideraiser Campaign

Head back to the Admin Home page and find the Campaign menu (or directly at  If you are creating a brand new campaign, click the gray "Add Campaign+" button in the top right corner. (After you save it, your campaign will be in the list on this page and you can edit it from here.) Like before, carefully complete each field on the form- helpful information is included with each field to indicate its purpose.

The final sections on this form deserve some extra guidance here.

Start and End Dates

For a traditional Prideraiser campaign, go with June 1 - June 30.  If your campaign is part of a special event like NWSL ACTS, guidance will be provided by the organizers.

Note: Any campaign set as public ("show this campaign in public lists" checkbox selected) will be live on the site and can receive pledges even before the start date. (Start Date is more of a marketing date, and we intend to clarify this behavior before the 2033 season.)

Charity Donation URL

This is perhaps the most important field on the form! This link will be sent to your fans at the end of the campaign so they can donate to your partner charity. Whenever possible, provide the link directly to a payment form instead of a page with a Donate button. If the organization uses PayPal, try to get their link- we can trigger those to include the donation amount in the form.

Note: donation forms must allow arbitrary payments (not just fixed values) and must allow for one-time donations (not exclusively recurring ones, and must not default to recurring). 


This text is used on the campaign site and in messages to fans who pledge to your campaign. Most Prideraiser campaigns scale donations based on all goals scored. Rarely, a SG might track cards shown by the referee instead of goals. If your campaign is tracking home goals only (a common scenario for division 4 summer league teams with both men's and women's squads), use "home goal"/"home goals" for these fields. If you want to get fancy, you might refer to your team in the field, e.g. "Chattanooga goal"/"Chattanooga goals"


The events list is where you input your match schedule- Input the information for the first match in your campaign, and use the "+Add another Event" button as necessary to include every match in your campaign. The "Info URL" field is optional, and it is used as a link on the campaign page. SGs have used this field for Facebook events, ticket purchasing links, or pages on their club's website with match info.

For regular-Prideraiser campaigns, your SG might include all June matches or just those matches at home. For special events like NWSL ACTS, guidance will come from the organizer.

After Creating Your Campaign

Get more eyeballs on your campaign by putting Prideraiser scarves on the shoulders of your organizers and capos. Visit the Store and read our Merch Policy. Merch takes time to ship, so we recommend ordering soon.

There's more to explore! Check out Prideraiser Tutorials to learn about site features and best practices that will come in handy during your campaign.

You will need to discuss with your SG leadership and communications/marketing folks on a strategy to promote your campaign during match days, watch parties, and other events, and especially sharing the link regularly on your social media feeds. We recommend announcing your participation in Prideraiser with a single post on May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, followed by a sustained marketing blitz beginning June 1.

It is expected that you participate in the Prideraiser Slack workspace during the campaign. This is the best place to interact with other SG admins and our volunteer support team, and discussion prompts and official announcements will be on Slack first.

Once the campaign is fully underway, please remember to Update your Goals after every match. This is the #1 responsibility of Prideraiser campaign organizers during the season.