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Campaign Wrap-Up

Great job, admins! You've almost made it to the end of June! This article details your responsibilities during the final phase of your Prideraiser campaign, what to expect from Prideraiser, and what you should do next.

❗ But first, please perform the tasks in the Prideraiser Account Audit if you have not already.

Verify Goals

Take a moment to check your Prideraiser match list to verify that it is accurate and that the goals you entered are correct. Once the end of the campaign gets here, those numbers are locked so that Prideraiser can calculate donation values for your fans.


We can think of three items for you to know about.

New Pledges

Some fans are uncomfortable with the unpredictable nature of a Prideraiser campaign and prefer to donate an exact value. Once all of the matches in your campaign are complete, appeal to these holdouts to make a pledge. It's easy to do the budgetary math when the goal count is settled. Pledges can be made until midnight US-Eastern on the campaign's End date (which is part of the configuration on the Prideraiser campaign form).

Editing Pledges

Fans can edit their pledge at any time until they click the "Donate" button at the end of a campaign. An edit link is included in the pledge confirmation message sent by Prideraiser, and you can point fans to to log in using the same email address they pledged with and edit from there.

Pledge Followups

There are still a number of unresolved items on admins' Prideraiser Dashboards. Please take a look there and follow up with any fans that have made a suspiciously generous per-goal pledge. This is critical, because nobody wants a fan to feel like they were treated unfairly.

Partner Contributions

Did you sell pride merch with proceeds donated to your Prideraiser charity partner? Can you get a club owner or business to make a matching donation? Do you have another bonus-fundraising trick up your sleeve? If so, you can include these transactions in your total fundraising number at the end of the campaign. Check out the Prideraiser Partner Contributions documentation to learn how.

Donation Messages

Prideraiser will, on your behalf, contact fans who pledged to your campaign and ask them to make a donation directly to its beneficiary organization. No action is required by you for the donation step. We will send up to three* messages, with language crafted and scheduled based on online fundraising best practices. Admins can visit the Pledges list in the Prideraiser admin console (this link is filtered to show only pledges for Prideraiser 2023) to see our estimates of fulfilled pledges in the days following the end of a campaign.

After these up-to-three* messages are sent out, it is the responsibility of the SG admin to (optionally) reach out to any stragglers- you may have personal relationships to leverage to nudge them into fulfilling their pledge.

*Prideraiser donation messages include a link to our site, where we mark the donation as fulfilled and redirect the browser to the charity donation URL you provided in your campaign configuration. We will not send unnecessary messages to fans that have clicked through to donate.

Message Schedule

For the Prideraiser 2023 season, our 101 campaigns have varying match schedules and campaign End dates (End date is set using the Campaign form in the Prideraiser admin). Because of this, Prideraiser donation messages for each campaign will be sent starting on the Thursday after the campaign ends at noon local time, with follow-up messages on the following two Thursdays if needed.


Did your SG or community have something great happen because of your Prideraiser campaign? How did you like the platform? Share your Prideraiser story by submitting it to our new Testimonials form, then share the link with your charity partner and fans. We intend to use these stories to promote both our site and the individual campaigns in the future, so we appreciate you taking some time to help!

Merch Store

The Prideraiser merch store will close for the June 2023 campaign season on July 10.

Once Your Campaign is Over

Remember, Prideraiser handles contacting your fans to fulfill their pledges by making a donation and no action is required by SG admins.

Once your campaign wraps, stay in touch with your charity partner through July and beyond. Here are a few possible questions to ask:

  • How did Prideraiser benefit their work this year?
  • What can you learn and collaborate on that will make a future Prideraiser campaign more impactful?
  • How can anything you learned together this year help make Prideraiser better for other SGs and charity partners?

You should also ensure those fans who attended matches for the first time because of your Prideraiser campaign are excited to come back for more by making them feel at home in your supporters community!

Our volunteers are always looking to improve and iterate Prideraiser to make it more impactful, so please send us any ideas and improvements; Email, Slack, or Twitter- we're always open to feedback!