July 8-14, 2024 is Non-Binary Awareness Week

Updating Goals

As a local campaign administrator, your work on is not done just because your campaign page is live!

You should log in to the Prideraiser site and update your goal count after each match in your campaign schedule. This critical step allows fans to see the fundraising impact of your campaign. Without it, not only does your campaign suffer but all of Prideraiser does as well, so please get in the habit of keeping your goal count accurate. Our most successful campaigns make a habit of updating the goal count right after the final whistle.

To update your goal count: Browse to your Campaign page, the same link you share with your fans, and find the Events panel. There is an Edit button for each match listed in your Prideraiser campaign schedule. Simply click that button, input the goal count for the match, and click Save.

When you update your goal count after a match, a new Tweet button will appear. Use this feature to get the attention of fans checking their phones as they exit the stadium. Smash that, but do not hit "Tweet" on the resulting post immmediately- We populate a post with a bunch of stats and a link to your campaign, but you craft a message for your fans around some or all of that information. You can also attach your Campaign Scoreboard to these Twitter posts and copy/paste the ALTTEXT provided. The Tweet step is optional, but enocuraged- clicking the button dismisses it.

Note: You must update your goals even in the unfortunate scenario that your team is shut out for a match. (Zeros are different than empty fields, to a computer.) And the Tweet button will not appear under these conditions

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Prideraiser is a coalition of independent soccer supporters that raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities every June.

Support your local club, support your local cause.