Social Images

So-called "Social Images" are dynamically-assembled graphics made for sharing on your social media accounts. Each template is different, though generally social images may use elements of your Supporters Group (like your logo) or Prideraiser campaign (like your fundraising total) and they will automatically refresh within a few minutes of an update to one of the input variables- like when a new pledge to your campaign is made.

Locating Social Images

If you are a SG administrator and are logged into Prideraiser, browse to your public campaign page. Scroll down and you'll see a panel with a yellow "Admins Only" header- the link to access Prideraiser Social Images is part of this panel. Notably, this is not a private link, so you can share the /social-images/ URL with your SG's social media/communications team and they can download the social images directly.


Certain social images may use values associated with your Prideraiser campaign or Supporters Group. To get the most out of them, you will want to visit the Prideraiser Admin interface and edit the fields on the Supporters Group form or the form for your most recent Prideraiser campaign.

Evergreen URLs

Social images are generated at the same path each time, and this "Evergreen URL" can be found below each category of social image. SGs can use this to embed a Prideraiser social image on their website using markup like:

<a href=""><img src="[evergreen_url_here]" alt="[SG name] Prideraiser Scoreboard" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="[evergreen_url_here]" alt="How Prideraiser Works" /></a>

Social Image Templates

Prideraiser provides a gallery of social images based on templates, customized to your SG and campaign. If a designer in your SG has an idea to add to the list, please get in touch with us on Prideraiser Slack.

Campaign Scoreboard

The campaign scoreboard presents live(-ish) pledge stats for your campaign. In addition, it uses your SG logo, color palette, and short URL.

This graphic was designed and shared with Prideraiser by Bradley of Dutch Guard Supporters Group (@DutchGuardSG). Thank you!

How Prideraiser Works

The "How Prideraiser Works" card explains Prideraiser to fans in three easy steps: 1. Pledge, 2. Cheer, 3. Donate, and is great for promoting your campaign to fans that are unfamiliar with Prideraiser. It uses your SG logo, charity logo, and short URL.

This graphic was designed by Mike of Ralph's Mob (@RalphsMob) and adapted for Prideraiser by Bradley of Dutch Guard Supporters Group (@DutchGuardSG). Thank you!

QR Code

Yep. This social image is exactly what it says on the tin: it's a QR code for your campaign. Download it and use it on printed signage.

Note: QR codes are generated per campaign, so you'll need to update the files for your printed signs each season, even if you don't change the rest of the design.

Smartphone Wallpaper

It's the QR code you've already seen, but on a wallpaper alongside your supporters group logo. Download it, set it as your Home and/or Lock screen, and get some new pledges. Savvy organizers might ask SG officers, capos, and everybody else to use the wallpaper- it's a great way to initiate a conversation and your campaign.

Note: QR codes are generated per campaign, so you'll need to save and circulate a new wallpaper each season.

Are you a designer with an idea for a new Prideraiser social image template? Get in touch with us on Prideraiser Slack and let's chat about it.

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