All About Pledges

The per-goal pledge model is the bread and butter of Prideraiser fundraising. Let's talk about it.

Pledge Admin

The Prideraiser Admin interface lists a history of pledges for all of your Prideraiser campaigns in a big table. This data can be sorted and filtered, and there's a bar at the top that you can use to search for pledges by name or email. From time to time, you may need to use this interface to provide support to a fan. Notably, the "Pledge URL" field at the bottom contains a link that they can use to edit the value of their pledge, and "Source" shows any analytics information. If you need to delete a pledge, please contact a Prideraiser volunteer on Slack and we will help.

Slack #pledges Channel

As a local Prideraiser organizer, you will see live alerts as pledges are made on the #pledges channel on the Prideraiser Slack workspace. Each alert includes the analytics source, if any, and a big friendly button to view the pledge details in the Prideraiser Admin interface.

Suspicious/Large Pledges

Occasionally, a fan may not understand the Prideraiser per-goal pledge model and think they are making a single, flat donation. Such a scenario can often, but not always, be identified when a fan makes a pledge of some unusually high value, usually more than $25/goal. It is best for your campaign, your selected charity, Prideraiser itself (including all of our other campaigns), and especially the fan that this be remedied as soon as possible. Receiving a surprise "bill" for several hundred dollars may give that fan a poor impression of Prideraiser and of your SG. When you see a suspicious pledge, check the details in the admin. Unless it is from team ownership, a sponsor, or some other well-to-do individual, it may be a mistake.

We recommend local campaign organizers reach out to fans who make suspicious/large pledges. You should: thank them for their support, educate them on the per-goal pledge model, and remind them that there is a link in the pledge confirmation message they received from Prideraiser that can be used to edit their pledge at any time until the campaign is complete.

Organizers, do you have examples of messages you have sent to fans in this scenario? Share them with us, and we will publish them alongside this guidance.

Contacting Donors

In the vast majority of scenarios, Prideraiser will handle contacting fans that pledged to your campaign with instructions on completing their donation. (Our contact schedule is based on best practices from the fundraising sphere.) If you, in your role as a local campaign organizer, need to send a donation reminder, you can do so by logging into the Prideraiser Admin interface, going to the pledge list, checking the box for the pledge(s), and using the "Action" drop-down control near the top of the page. the Prideraiser system will send a message using each fan's perferred contact method. Messages can be sent once per 24h.