Campaign Review

[WiP for Prideraiser HQ admins, super messy right now but wanted to get a general checklist published somewhere. -G] 

Guidance for reviewing campaigns

  • campaign cover image
  • SG logo
  • review email sender fields in SG form
  • charity logo
  • charity url
  • charity donation url (2nd validation by HQ admins before campaign closes)
  • "good" campaign description, not too long
  • Prideraiser follows organizing SG on twitter
  • event schedule set with correct times/timezones
  • events in June (a preferred guideline, else they need to come up with and execute their own messaging schedule at the end of the campaign)
  • sensible tracking scalar (goals is preferred over something confounding like corner kicks * 0.5)
  • admins aware of merch opportunity / policy
  • admins aware of goal update responsibility (immediately after the match)
  • admins aware of support responsibility (promote the campaign! answer questions from your fans or refer them to prideraiser hq if you can't)
  • admins aware of outreach responsibility
  • "show this campaign in public lists?" checkbox selected
  • seed campaign with a few pledges from admins/sg officers/influencers before launch, so it's not empty when it goes public