Prideraiser Partner Contributions

As Prideraiser has grown, some of our campaigns have seen supplemental donations to their LGBTQ+ beneficiary organizations from corporate partners, from club promotions, or from special merch sold by the supporters group itself. To account for the value of these contributions in campaigns’ fundraising impact, we are introducing Partner Contributions, the newest feature for campaigns on Prideraiser.

This feature is intended to be used to track significant and newsworthy payments to a campaign’s LGBTQ+ beneficiary organization. As the pledge-per-goal model is the bread and butter of Prideraiser, this feature should not be used for flat donations from individuals. If you’re curious if a donation should be classified as a Partner Contribution, ask the Prideraiser team for guidance.

How to Add a Prideraiser Partner Contribution

Once you’re in the Campaign editor in our admin site, scroll down to the Partner Contributions section. Each Partner Contribution has three elements.

  1. Label - A short title describing the contribution to be displayed on your Prideraiser campaign page
  2. Link to learn more - A link to a press release or other public statement from the partner about the contribution
  3. Amount - The cash value of the contribution, in dollars and cents


Each Partner Contribution will be added to a campaign’s pledge total to determine the total fundraising impact of that Prideraiser campaign.