Subdomain Redirects

The vast majority of Prideraiser pledges come from social media posts (with a link included) and in-person interactions during the events surrounding a home match (where your campaign is sorted at the top of because of some clever location detection). There's one additional method to get fans to your Prideraiser campaign— subdomain redirects

In Pridraiser jargon, a subdomain redirect is a short URL that, when clicked as a link or input manually into a browser, will redirect the browser to your Prideraiser campaign page. is an example. (Make a pledge while you are there, willya?)

Such short URLs work great if the communications personnel for your supporters group want to include a URL in the middle of a social media post instead of at the end. They look awesome on digital or paper flyers. And they make you feel ever so fancy when you are talking about Prideraiser with another supporter at your SG's home bar after a match and get to say "chatt dot prideraiser dot org" out loud. (Go on- try it!) 

Subdomain redirects come with some important rules to be aware of:

  • Subdomains are entirely optional, and there is no need to request one unless you will use it
  • Subdomains should be short
  • Subdomains should reflect your SG or your city, abbreviations are especially good(Note: For large cities with multiple teams and supporters groups, choose a SG-based name instead of a place-based one. Do not request assignment of la or nyc, for example.)
  • Subdomains are forever. They cannot be deleted or changed once assigned
  • Your SG can be allocated up to one subdomain
  • Subdomain redirects take about five minutes after registration until they are working on the web
  • Subdomain redirects do pass Analytics parameters to your campaign
  • Subdomain requests can be rejected by the Prideraiser admin volunteers

Sounds good? Reach out to a volunteer on the Prideraiser Slack workspace to request a subdomain redirect for your Prideraiser campaign. We'll help you get set up!

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